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2nd participation round closed
Apply here for 3rd round closing 16th December 9pm PST

On uBegin you can:

  • Learn about projects related to the issues you care about
  • Bring your skills to the table by collaborating with others on existing projects
  • Create your own project, finding the team members and resources you need to get the work done
  • Build community among other changemakers
  • Measure and celebrate your impact along the way

First Members Entering Now

We've started bringing selected people, projects and organizations into the new uBegin platform now. It's very exciting and you'll be hearing some of their amazing stories soon.
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Ask Yourself This...

  • Do I feel alone and lack the resources and collaboration to realize my vision?

    Do I feel uninspired and busting to express my knowledge and skills in a meaningful project?

    Do I feel overwhelmed with the challenges facing our community and need guidance and support?

  • OR

  • Am I a leader in my field, driven to see projects through to genuine outcomes and looking for a fertile community to work with and make a significant impact in the world?

  • If you answered yes anywhere then

    uBegin is for you

    uBegin is an online collaboration platform engaging thought and social change leaders with a purpose-driven community to innovate the ways we deliver positive, socially conscious projects.

    It is a place where local action can rapidly impact the world.

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First Members Entering Now

Start your application here for the next round.

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